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How To Write a Proposal for Your Thesis: 5 Crucial Things to Consider

  1. Understand why you are expected to write a thesis proposal
  2. The first thing that you need to learn about thesis writing is "why" you expected to write a thesis proposal first. Obviously, the main reason is so that you do not waste months of your life working on a thesis concept that may not be accepted. The second main reason is so that your supporters, the facility in your department and peers can support you during the writing process. Once you have given your proposal presentation they will likely give you advice on how to proceed. They may have some ideas that would like to contribute, or be able to point you in the right direction for your research.

  3. Your proposal should address a real problem
  4. Students often wish to write their thesis on a topic that interests them but if the concept is not useful then your proposal may not be green lit. The best way to assure that your proposal is accepted is by choosing a problem to solve with your research. Make sure that your thesis is relevant and useful and can be offered as a contribution to your field of study.

  5. Consider the importance of your subject
  6. A common mistake that many students make when writing their abstract is that they do not consider their topic objectively. Like we mentioned above your thesis concept should address a real problem that exists in your field of study. The research that you do should be important to the academic community, not just interesting to you as the writer.

  7. Does your proposal demonstrate your talents?
  8. If you really want to write a successful proposal so that you are able to go ahead with the thesis writing process make sure that your abstract is well written. The proposal that you submit should show the facility members that you are able and ready to write a complete thesis. For this reason take the time to proofread, edit and prepare your thesis abstract just as you would do for your complete thesis. This will not only be great practice for you but it will also show that you are capable of putting together a large-scale academic paper.

  9. Are you ready to write a thesis?
  10. The abstract writing process will also give you an idea of what it will be like to write a thesis publication on your chosen topic. By putting it together it will also give you a sense of how to approach the writing process. Completing a successful proposal should give you the confidence that you need to tackle the real thing and be successful.

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