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How To Write A Strong Research Paper About Drug Cartels In Mexico

So, you have been tasked with writing an assignment on the drug cartels in Mexico. One of the greatest challenges that you may have is finding sources of reliable information. It is through reliable information sources that strength will be added to your work.

Aside from governmentally or academically supported studies as a source of information, witness accounts may be another solid source of information, in the area or drug cartels in Mexico. In writing a research paper on the topic of Mexican drug cartels, it's important to consider problem that you wish to dig around on. For example, you may explore the problem of human drug trafficking as a result of the drug cartels in Mexico.

Once you have succinctly defined your problem, you can develop the methodology for conducting your studies. You may choose to begin by scouring the internet for news articles on drug cartels or human trafficking. From these articles, you may find real life accounts from people who lived through drug cartel experiences. The phenomenological study, or study of people's lived experiences, can add depth to your studies by adding a personal element.

First-hand accounts that a problem exists by people who lived within the problem, may provide compelling proof the depth of the problem. It is important that you also introduce credible information such as crime or drug statistics in relation to the Mexican cartels that supports what the first-hand accounts say.

Sound research can be validated. This means that not only can the reliable sources be validated, as to the credibility of it or yourself but also the replicability of the results. If you have found in your research a certain statistical correlation between the drug cartels and the Mexican economy, for example, you will want to ensure that your statistical calculations can be replicated. This is achieved by making sure others can understand your methodology and research approach.

It should also be free from bias. There is of course, a certain degree of bias in every person, but as a researcher, it is your duty to attempt to eliminate any judgements or bias from your research. In doing so you will add to the credibility of your work.

The drug cartels in Mexico can be an interesting subject, but one that may be somewhat difficult to locate credible and reliable sources of information, but it can also be a topic that will provide great insight into a major issue facing Mexico and the world.

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