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Writing An Outstanding Essay About Love: 5 Simple Tips

If you're trying to write an essay about love, the subject can seem overwhelming at first. Putting any kind of idea into words can be a struggle, but perhaps the subject of love even more so than others. Read on for some great tips on how to write an outstanding essay about love.

5 Fantastic Tips on Writing an Essay about Love

  1. Be clear on what angle you want to write from. There are so many different kinds of love, and apart from that, many different angles to consider. Do you want to write about it from a physical standpoint, a psychological one, a scientific one? Does it interest you academically or will it be of a more personal nature? Deciding on your angle beforehand will provide you with a clearer view as you write.
  2. Be passionate about your angle. It is always best to choose a topic you’re passionate about as it will generate more thoughts and ideas and help you to express yourself better, especially if writing is already not your strong suit.
  3. Conduct thorough research and organise your ideas. Putting ideas haphazardly onto paper will only confuse you and the reader. Once you have done sufficient research regarding your angle, take some time to organise them into a coherent order so the ideas can flow seamlessly one into the other.
  4. Make sure your paper is written in the proper format – with an introduction, body and conclusion. This will help you to state things clearer and not jumble the ideas up. It also helps the reader understand from the beginning what you are trying to say and will lend clarity to the rest of it.
  5. Use relevant language and vocabulary. For example, if you are writing about love from a scientific standpoint, more technical jargon may be used. But if you are writing about it from a personal or emotional standpoint, the vocabulary and words you use to describe it would be very different. Be sure not to mix the two up.

By utilising these tips, you are sure to be able to compose a great essay on love that will come across just the way you want it to. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, but if you work methodically and patiently, the end result will be exactly what you want it to be.

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