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Essential Parts of a Research Paper: A Free Writing Guide

While every research paper differs in one way or the other, there are universal elements that make such a paper an academic document. These parts include:-

  • Title- it gives the reader an idea of what will be covered in the paper. It also provides the perspective that will be adopted as well as the boundaries that will guide the writer. From the title, the reader knows what to expect.
  • Abstract- this is a short summary of what the paper has covered. It should not be below 100 words or above 150 words. Through it appears at the beginning, it is among the last parts to be written, it must capture the objectives or goals of the study, results of the findings and conclusion.
  • Introduction- it gives the read an idea of the motivation you had when writing the paper. It also describes the approach you will adapt in your arguments and gives an overview of the content of each section in the paper.
  • Literature Review- this is a review of what other scholars have said about the subject you are handling. It provides an academic context and ensures that you have gone through enough materials to avoid repetition. The books must be related to your overall goal.
  • Methods And Procedure- this is an indication of what was done to arrive at the results given, the samples used, calculations and descriptions of equipment used, among other aspects. The information given can enable a reader to verify the experiments if the need arises.
  • Results- this is a presentation of the results obtained during the study. You will be required to use diagrams to simplify your presentation. The graphs and tables should be clear and self explanatory. It should cover the important points as indicated in the objectives or research questions.
  • Discussion and conclusion- this section ties down existing academic reviews with the new findings you have obtained from your experiments. It is from the findings that you will draw a conclusion.
  • References- this is a list of all materials including books, journals, articles and internet sources that were used during research. They should be listed in a consistent manner according to the chosen formatting style.
  • Appendix- these are resource materials like questionnaires, license agreements, permits and approvals that were used in information gathering.

There might be slight changes in the order, naming or content of each section. The differences arise based on the needs of each institution, the discipline you are writing the paper on and the formatting style used. Ensure that unique instructions issued by your supervisor are respected.

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