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How to Compose a Great Analytical Research Paper

A research paper is not just a description of facts but it also involves some amount of independent thinking and ideas. These ideas relate to the research problem and help the researcher in questioning his own approach. It helps the researcher to identify the most probable solution to the research problem through data collection, data plotting or result formulation which is then followed up with some serious analysis of the research undertaken. The results obtained is supported by a proper reasoning to the solution of the research problem and helps to identify how it suits the best in terms of logic and rationality. It also provides a clearer and better viewpoint on the research problem to identify the major loopholes in our analysis and interpretations by means of complete assessment of the result obtained. These analysis on the result conducted through the study is either deductive or presumably the most suitable solution to the problem. What stands prominent in the whole research work is the tools used to analyze the research problem and the amount of self-reflection and contemplation made by the researcher to reach at a perfect conclusion for the research problem by reaffirming the thesis statement as per the analysis of results.

To compose a great analytical research paper following steps must be followed:

  • Step1 - Inquisitiveness to obtain all the relevant facts and information regarding the research problem and the ability to ask questions and relate it to the greater objective of assessment of a deeper problem faced in the society.
  • Step 2 - Verification of the information obtained and collected to check its credibility and relevance to be incorporated in the research study and the amount of weightage to be given to it for representing the study in a balanced manner.
  • Step 3 - An analytic paper, as well as statistics homework, requires a great introduction to the research problem with all the relevant background details divulged through the introductory paragraph.
  • Step 4 - A great literature study on the research problem confronted through research and correct representation of facts and information available in the related literature on the subject without any bias or partial projection/ misrepresentation of facts.
  • Step 5 - A complete study of all the information collected to arrive at a common ground for the research problem assessment and evaluation with critical thinking, originality, self -reflection, rationality and logic to reason out the best solution to the research problem and support through proper presentation of evidence for the research problem.
  • Step 6 - A fitting conclusion for the research study with proper presentation of ideas, concepts, facts, evidence and possible recommendations for the research problem that also give a leeway for further research to be undertaken for subsequent research.

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