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A List of Possible Research Paper Topics for English Class

Finding a research topic for an English paper can be a tricky task. There are so many things one can choose, that it's difficult to pick the one that will help you create a truly outstanding paper.

Here are some original suggestions that can inspire you:

  1. The effect of advertising on teenagers.
  2. Ads and marketing strategies are aimed towards various age groups. Everyone understands that these strategies are efficient, but few people think of why exactly that's the case. You can explore this topic and offer your ideas on how to improve marketing techniques. Or, you can choose another angle and show how detrimental these ads are because they manipulate the minds of youngsters.

  3. Can people stop using non-renewable resources?
  4. Resource depletion is a serious problem, but many people cannot understand its magnitude. You can try to change this by drawing attention to it with your essay. You can also analyze the reasons behind the fact that this issue doesn't get enough recognition.

  5. Can same-sex schools provide better education?
  6. Is it true that children are better taught when separated by their gender? Are same-sex schools just reminders of the chauvinism that used to govern people's minds a few decades ago? Which form of educational establishments is more effective?

    These questions will definitely catch the interest of your professors, and will help you achieve a good grade for the essay.

  7. Teenage drug use and its effects on society.
  8. In this essay, you can show people how much the world as a whole will be affected when the generation of teenagers that abuse drugs today will grow up and take their places in society. This not only draws more attention from the older generation, but also may convince some younger people to rethink their choices.

  9. Do reporters need to reveal their sources?
  10. The power of the media is a thing of legend today, and many people abuse it to meet their own ends. Can making journalists reveal their information sources guarantee that the public's opinion will not be manipulated by liars or exaggeration?

    You can also pursue another line of thought by contemplating whether this will reduce the chances of people learning something important because someone is too apprehensive about sharing their knowledge.

  11. Should schoolbooks be censored?
  12. This essay should determine whether sheltering children in this way will do them good by preventing wrong ideas from developing, or if this will make them less prepared for life in the real word.

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