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Writing A Strong Research Paper Proposal Easily: A Basic Manual

A strong research paper proposal should be well researched, analyzed and organized transforming raw ideas into concrete and planned way. It should be interesting to read, clear in expression and to the point so that it meets academic expectations of the professors and other audiences.

What to do before writing an impressive research paper proposal-

  • Read the guidelines properly.
  • Review common mistakes committed by the students like poor grammar, insufficient details on significant issues, lack of persuasion and unsatisfactory answers of the argument, improper citations of resources and irrelevant information stated not in context of the research.

Ensure your thesis papers answers common questions like-

  • What your investigation needs to accomplish?
  • Why you have conducted your study, its significance etc?
  • How you will carry your research?
  • Does the investigation offer appropriate solutions to the questions?
  • Will you complete the assigned task on time?

All these questions will assist you with your planning while developing a sense of satisfactory knowledge on the topic. Thereby you can plan your steps accordingly.

The research paper proposal should go through the following steps-

  1. Title: It should be descriptive and succinct with a catchy title that pricks audience interest and inclines him to go through the complete proposal.
  2. Abstract: It is the brief summary of the thesis not more than 250 words that includes inquiry questions, grounds for study, hypothesis, methods, main findings, brief description of methods like designing, procedures, samples, instruments used etc.
  3. Introduction: This step offers mandatory background for problem while framing the thesis question. Introduction should generally begin with statement of problem area. Offer definitions with the concepts. State your hypothesis, set the delimitations identifying the key dependant and independent variables.
  4. Literature Review: Sometimes this is a separate part and occasionally it is incorporated with introduction only. It should not be repetitive, verbose or lacking focus.
  5. Methods: This section illustrates how you tackled your issue. It holds sufficient information regarding the methodology employed. Illustrate any alternative methods if employed. Mention design of the questionnaire study, laboratory experiment, number of subjects, types of participants (e.g. - cancer patients etc), type of valid and reliable instruments used, and procedure followed etc.
  6. Results: Declare your result by supporting it with statistical data.
  7. Discussion: Sound enthusiastic and confident to your readers while proposing the impacts of the study carried. State the limitations or weaknesses like limited time period, financial constraints etc.

Stay focused during your entire proposal writing as a single negligence can make a huge difference in your results.

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