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Writing A Visual Analysis Essay Step By Step: General Tips

Essay assignments require the students to pick interesting topics and create winning papers following the instructions from their teachers. When you are in school and are supposed to write a visual analysis essay, you will have to pick your subject carefully. You need to have something that you can build your paper around and impress your audience. Visual analysis can be of anything that provides you enough visual data to evaluate and include in your paper. It can be a video, image, sketch, movie or even an advertisement. Usually advertisements clearly state the claim and purpose they are promoting while the works of art have an unsaid meaning and can be interpreted by the audience

If you are looking at a picture or any visual form of art, you will have to note the following things about it

  1. The purpose of the artist i.e. what was the artist trying to achieve through his work. Why did he create this specific piece and what is it that he is trying to convey through the piece
  2. The target audience i.e. who is the work aimed for. This is important to analyze because a work done for teenage students will have different perspective from that done for those in corporate sector.
  3. The way the image was composed i.e. the use of colors, symbolism and other things that are used in order to put together the work
  4. The historical or cultural context of the work when it was created and when it is viewed.

The introduction

It will tell the basic facts about the work to the reader and you will have to hook your audience by using one of the professionally used methods. You will either describe the image in a way so that the reader can visualize it or you will tell how it was created. You can explain the purpose of the work or the artist and give interesting facts about him or the work. You can even begin with a controversy or a misunderstanding about the work that you will correct in the body of your paper


After the introduction, you will create a precise thesis at the end of the first paragraph


Support your paper and main ideas by providing evidence and supporting points. You can use the eliciting process to create your data


Give a precise summary of what you have done

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