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Business ethics term paper can be quite tricky

Everything can be quite tricky. You only need to know some secrets and tips about how to write an excellent business ethics term paper. As in any other thesis, you should follow the simple structure of introduction - summary content - conclusion. Let's start by examining this situation.


Your business ethics term paper should start with a definition of the word ethics. Choose one according to your ideas from the multitude of thinkers in the books and over the internet. After that you should state an idea of yours and then support it by bringing evidences, cites, ideas. Let me give you and example. You could write about Ethics are crucial in business. You know, no other group in United States is more influential that business people. Business ethics is discussed everywhere, in every home, in schools and even on the stairs of Congress.


The ethical standards directly determine a community's businesses. Now that you have defined ethics, questions and reasons for being ethical arise. Let me tell you something that's not secret anymore. It is all related to one's personal code of behavior. One's thoughts and ideology about life and habitus. In order to support your ideas and key words of the term paper, you could use Ray Baumhart's survey he did some years ago on businessmen in United States. The answers were really the same, but the most chosen was the one I told you above. Among the other choices were things like the behaviour of one's superiors or the company's policy. The behaviour of one's enemy in the industry or simply the ethical climate wereother choices.

Go and ask people what their opinion is and find out whether or not they have been asked to do something unethical at work. Ask people if they would do something unethical just to win a contest or a public bid. You know, lying is not tolerable in a society like America, but we could discuss on this topic for years.


Ok, everybody knows excellent ethics is excellent business, but let's do your term paper correctly. What you must know about this part of your thesis is that you need to restate your idea from the introduction and add nothing else. Nothing.

So, ethics are crucial in business. State that in the conclusion of your term paper and add the most important idea you support. That's it. Don't forget to cite the works used to sustain your ideas.

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