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Term Papers and Plagiarism

Plagiarism and term papers go hand in hand. Why, you may ask? The simple answer is because if you are writing a term paper, your teacher will tell you not to plagiarize. Even though teachers and professors have been warning students about plagiarizing, students continue to do it.

The Cycle Continues

The cycle of teachers assigning term papers and students plagiarizing continues semester after semester. Students try new ways to get away with not having to write term papers and teachers discover new ways to catch students lying about the work they have done. Fortunately, for students, technology has made it easier than ever to avoid having to write a term paper. Students need to use technology the right way because teachers also know how to use technology to catch students.

Technology Affects Term Paper Writing

Technology has changed the essay-buying industry forever. Students no longer have to turn to fellow students for essays; they can turn to anonymous online writers. Students who are willing to spend a few dollars on hiring someone to write a term paper from scratch can turn to one of the many online writing sites and hire someone on the spot. For many students, spending a few dollars is much easier than spending hours on a term paper.

Unfortunately, teachers have a more difficult time determining whether or not a student wrote a term paper or not. When students hire a writer, teachers are not able to run the term paper through plagiarism-checking software, because the uniquely written papers are not copied. Students used to search term paper online, which were relatively easy for teachers to find.

Will Teachers Discover the Key?

Only time will tell regarding whether or not teachers will be able to figure out how to determine if students actually wrote their term papers themselves. Some experts predict that teachers will require students to use cloud-based apps as they work through the writing process. Others wonder is teachers will require students to do all of the writing in class, so that teachers can guarantee their students have done the work.

Missing Out on Learning Opportunities

The reasoning behind writing a term is that students actually learn something. The process of writing a term paper involves students conducting intense research and organizing that research to support an idea. Many students choose to hire someone to write the paper because they do not see the value of writing it themselves. Unfortunately, they do miss out on a real life activity: using facts to support an opinion. This is why teachers continue to assign term papers each semester.

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