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How to Generate Good College Paper Topics

When you are facing an upcoming college paper to write, it can be an intimidating experience. Many students struggle with essays, even those who excel in other types of assignments and tests in their fields. In order to make the paper writing process somewhat easier, here is a list of some ideas and place to look for coming up with a unique topic for your future college paper.

  • The news: look at current and past headlines for any issue or event that grabs your attention. Also take a look at magazines, online newspapers and news websites, your school newspaper, and watching the news on TV.
  • Online essay topic generator: you can find websites that will have a button to click with a randomly generated topic idea from a long list of topics. Just keep clicking until you find one that appeals to you.
  • Previous essays and examples: if your professor has given any example essays for you to read, what do you think of them? Do you have a different point of view on someone else's essay topic? Write about that! Or if an essay you wrote in high school could use some freshening up, just keeping the same topic, then you already have your outline too.
  • Reality: think of your job, your friends and family, your hobbies, the places you shop at, really anything that may have an interesting issue or a recent change you either agree or disagree with. Real life is a great idea generator for every kind of essay you'll need to write.
  • Your teacher: don't be afraid to ask for help! Your professors or teachers have been doing this a long time, and they know what has worked in the past and how students have succeeded or failed in the past on this very essay. Set up a time to sit down with your teacher and discuss possible ideas. This works best if you already have a few floating around in your brain or on paper that you want to ask your teacher about. But if you don't have a clue or even a single idea, still go and just see what your teacher suggests.

Finding the perfect topic for your essay can be at tricky thing, and make you feel completely lost as to how to begin writing your essay. Especially if you have a looming deadline sooner in the future than you'd like. Following the simple steps outlined above can help you get started today.

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