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Help Me Find A Strong Research Paper Conclusion Paragraph Example: Useful Hints

The final paragraph of a research paper is noted as being the most important, probably equal to the introduction. What makes the conclusion so vital is that it’s the last thing the reader reads. It’s definitely the place to make a good last impression and keep the topic of your research paper fresh in your reader’s mind.

What to do

Finding an example to base your research paper conclusion on may be a little tricky. Some useful hints to locating this type of resource online are:

  • Look through University websites and see if they offer anything
  • Find trustworthy writing agencies and see what’s available
  • Order a custom written research paper conclusion paragraph

There is a certain pattern that the conclusion should follow. You can see this pattern in the example and then follow it when writing your own. The paragraph should be similar but not the same as the introduction, restate the thesis, and be a summary of the main points which were in the body of the paper. So, there is a lot of weight and value attached to this closing paragraph.

What not to do

There are definitely some precautions to follow when writing your ending paragraph. Here is a brief list of things to avoid:

  • Don’t bring up any new ideas that weren’t already covered in the body of the essay
  • Don’t apologize for anything you’ve claimed or stated
  • Don’t underestimate or undercut your argument or your authority for writing your piece
  • Don’t make a rush job out of this paragraph. Take your time

What to look for in a good writing example

A short list of things your concluding paragraph should contain are found in the following list. When you look for an example to use, make sure these are evident.

  • Briefly summarize the main points in the paper
  • Make use of a good quotation
  • Ask a thought-provoking question
  • End your piece with a warning or a call to action
  • Paint a vivid image for your readers
  • Suggest some possible consequences or results
  • Make a universal comparison

Your readers should be left with a sense they have read something of value written by an author who is trusted to write in that particular topic. The concluding sentences should help the reader’s mind to stay on focus and not wander off. Otherwise their attention will be lost at the most opportune moment to make a lasting impact.

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