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A Way To Craft A Research Paper On Spanish American War

Conflicts are common. They have been happening since humans evolved and started to separate themselves into tribes that saw themselves as separate from each other. They result in a loss of life and limb and as technology advanced they became even more destructive to the surrounding environment.

The wars of previous centuries were not at the peak of human destructiveness but they still had quite an impact historically. The Spanish American war is a prime example of this and if you choose to research it, here is how you can get off to a good start:

  • Get some source material together
  • There are many text books that feature details of this conflict either entirely or as a collection of other historical facts. Acquire or borrow some of these because they will most likely be very thorough. You can also try to get your hands on the first hand accounts from people who were on the front lines as soldiers and those who lived in the regions where this took place.

  • Read as much of it as you can
  • You may be in front of several thousands pages at this point but the more of it you can actually read, the more you can accomplish. You can create a fuller, more complete picture in your mind of the events of the war if you read many different sources. Individuals have biases and by comparing the different sides you may be able to sort out some of their opinions.

  • Take notes
  • The large amount of information you are sorting through should not be gone over in its entirety several times. You should read it once and take notes of all the most relevant points. It helps to make these notes very precise with mention of the pages and chapters of the books from which they were found. This way if you include them in the finished piece you will be able to compile good references with ease.

  • Come up with a topic that complements your intentions
  • You can look at the Spanish American War in terms of how territory lines were redrawn, in terms of how the Economic landscape was changed by it or even how modern political lines were influenced by it. Decide on a topic that you will enjoy and be able to write well.

By following those steps your work is sure to impress.

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