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A Quick Guide to Writing a Research Paper on Bullying

Today, school bullying is recognized as a serious problem in schools worldwide, so effective methods to fight it should be developed. Teachers pay close attention to this issue by assigning research papers on bullying and discussing the topic in class. The following quick guide is created to help students plan the writing process, compose interesting papers, and submit them before the due date.

Planning Your Work: Important Steps to Take

Writing a research paper requires plenty of preliminary work, so you should plan what to do to finish your assignment on time. The necessary steps include the following:

  1. Study your assignment and write down the most important nuances, e.g. a minimum word count, formatting style, a number of references included, and so on.
  2. Focus your research on either direct (indirect) bullying, prevention of oppression, bullying as low-level violence, social exclusion, or victims of intimidation.
  3. Select various sources, such as books, journal articles, psychologist reports, school news, and other appropriate sources of information.
  4. Study the selected materials, identify the main points and vital details, and write them down.
  5. Create an outline, including your main thoughts along with important evidence and surprising facts.

After you have completed the aforementioned steps, you should take a small break and then start writing your first draft. In other words, complete your assignment based on the outline without second thoughts as you will have some time to edit it later.

Writing Your Research Paper on Bulling: Vital Suggestions

You can either format your document according to the instructions from the very beginning or spend some time later to format the written text. Either way, you will need to structure your work appropriately:

  1. Write a problem statement and purpose of your research in your introduction.
  2. Introduce the problem by providing your readers with facts and expert opinions.
  3. Include a brief literature review in your paper.
  4. Analyze the main causes and effects of bullying.
  5. Explain the research methodology and its limitations.
  6. Describe your key findings and analyze them in a separate section.
  7. Discuss the controversial outcomes of your work.
  8. Conclude everything and point the directions for further study.

When you have completed your research paper, it’s recommended to revise everything to ensure that the assignment meets the requirements provided by your professor. Then, you need to re-read the text to cut unnecessary details, improve the paragraph and sentence structure, and correct grammar and spelling mistakes. Remember that you should write in third person format and avoid emotional statements.

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