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Helpful Suggestions On How To Make A Cover Page For A Research Paper

A cover page is the first thing a reader will see in your research paper. That's why it's important for you to make it properly. If readers notice mistakes at the very beginning of your work, it'll make a bad impression on them. People often judge books (or research papers in your case) by their covers. Usually, each educational institution has some unique requirements when it comes to cover pages. However, here you can read about some common suggestions that are likely to help you in any case.

  1. Place the title.
  2. The title is the most essential part of a cover page. You have to place it in the center of the page and make it center-aligned. The title must be written in full, without any abbreviations. The appropriate words must begin with capital letters. The font size of the title must be larger than the base font size. Check what font size you should use in your work with your professor.

  3. Place your personal details.
  4. You have to place your name, your college (university) and the submission date at the bottom of the cover page. Align the information in the center of the page. Your name should have slightly larger font size than the base font size. Sometimes you may have to include the level of a paper (term paper or dissertation) and the name of your professor. Check these details with your professor or another informed person.

  5. Place the running head.
  6. The running head is a short version of your title. It should consist of 50 characters or less (check the details with your professor). It will be used as a header at the top of every page. Place it in the upper left corner of a page. The font size of the running head should be the same as the base font size, but all the words in it must be written in capital letters.

  7. Place the page number.
  8. You should do this using the header function that is included in any word processing program. In this way, the page number will appear on every page of your document. The page number should be in the upper right corner of a page. The distance between the page number and the running head should be five or seven spaces. If you follow these tips, you won't make any mistakes related to this matter. These rules are true for all types of research papers, unless your college or university has its own individual instructions.

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