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Advanced Research Paper Topics for College English Classes

Writing a research paper for English class will include topic ideas you can present with a twist. You want to show personal knowledge and understanding about your topic. English may have topic ideas and subjects you may not be clear about. This is the time to choose something worth your time and effort as you can learn something new during the process. The following ideas can help you get started on your next research paper for English.

  • Look for ways to discuss main characters of a story you read. Consider possible reasons why they are included in the story and what they mean or symbolize.
  • Can you find comparisons or contrast types of characters authors decide to use in their work? What are common types of characters used in the story you read?
  • What is the perspective you got from reading the story based on what the author wanted readers to know. Does your opinion favor what the majority of readers felt after reading the story?
  • What images complimented written work you read? These can be visual images you came up with as you read the story, or images that were abstract or real that appeared with the print content (publication).
  • Does the written work have a political connection you can establish? Were there social or economic influences that helped the author create the context of the story?

What You Should Know Prior to Research

You should have a good idea how to conduct your research. Think about sources you will need such as the internet and the library. Consider what pieces of information you will need from your sources when citing your work and following a formatting style required for your paper. Distinguish what sources will provide credible details for your topic. Review guidelines for your topic to avoid mistakes or providing lack of information for your paper.

Getting the Right Information for Your Topic

You need information to make your topic stand out. Your paper should be interesting with thought-provoking information. When you conduct research you need to think about how you will use your information. In some cases your personal thoughts may make its way onto your paper. On the other hand, you may consider writing your paper based on evidence you found in your research. How you use your information will be based on how you want to defend your argument or main idea behind your research paper.

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