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A List Of Research Paper Topics About Technology

From computer science classes to English programs, technology writing is a necessary part of school. Many English teachers like to pick technology subjects because there are so many different options to choose from. Students can write about topics ranging from Tesla to solar panels.

To get started on this type of research paper, students should carefully consider the topic that they want to use. They should pick a topic that they enjoy because it will make researching easier. In addition, students should check the library before choosing a specific for their thesis paper. If there are not enough materials available for research, students will need to pick a different topic. For some ideas and a bit of help brainstorming, students can look through the following topics.

The Best Topics for a Technology Research Paper

  1. The new smart watches allow users to sync their heart rate and other physical data with the Internet. What are some of the worries that come with this type of intrusive technology? Are there unique concerns about hackers?
  2. Children today grow up in a world of social media, smart phones and tablets. What impact has this had on their lives?
  3. In Tunisia, the revolution and protests were encouraged through people on social media websites. What role has social media had on changing the social fabric of individual nations?
  4. Although smart phones keep getting smaller, batteries have remained about the same size. What techniques could be used to decrease battery size? How could this influence the creation of a working, long distance electric car?
  5. There is a unique loan program that allows people to borrow money to install solar panels on their homes. How do programs like this encourage the creation and use of alternative resources?
  6. Is technology able to create a better world?
  7. Recently, scientists mixed goat and spider DNA to make a goat's milk that can be processed to create silk. This fabric is thought to one day be strong enough to make synthetic hearts, muscles and body parts. How can this technology actually be implemented? What other things are needed before it can be used on a wide scale?
  8. How can robots be used to substitute human interaction for tasks like counseling or therapy?
  9. Will it ever be possible for artificial intelligence to replace the ability of humans to do certain tasks?
  10. How has technology changed the life of individual people over the last 50 years? What other changes are in store?
  11. How many of the inventions in old science fiction books and films actually possible today? How many will be possible to make in the future?

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