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7 Points To Know About The Research Paper Organizational Structure

No matter what kind of research paper you're writing, you have to be familiar with the structure. If you don't have one to follow then, your information can become untidy and jumbled. Your information and data has to make sense, and it has to flow well.

Here are some things you should know about the organizational structure.

  • The basics.
  • Your goals should be as follows:

    1. Find your data and information.
    2. The discussion of what other scholars in your field have to say about it.
    3. Learn how they use their sources.

  • The introduction.
  • You should present your problem and the topic of your studies. You need to explain the problem, why it hasn't worked in the past and why it's important to solve this problem.

    You may then present your thesis, but only if you think it's best to place it there. It's not required to be in your introduction. You should know when it's the right time to state your thesis. You do need to focus on the problem and the purpose of your work, whether you give your thesis or not.

    Lastly, give an overall view of what to expect from your work.

  • The methods.
  • Describe how you conducted your research and what materials (if any) were used. However you found your data, and whatever you used to find it, should be included here.

  • The results.
  • How you show your results depends on the subject of your research. You want to give comparisons of the data you've gathered. You can do this with charts or graphs. If you're not comfortable with those, you can go the simple route and explain your findings and how you found them.

  • The discussion
  • This is where you should show your readers what you have learned. You will need to explain your results and give any information that supports it. This should also relate to your thesis.

  • The conclusion.
  • Your assignment may not need a conclusion; this may have been addressed in the discussion section of your work. But just in case you do, remember to bring everything together. You should summarize your research and results and how it ties into (and supports) your thesis. This shouldn't take more than one or two paragraphs.

  • A reference list.
  • Now for the easy part. You have to cite your sources. Your work is useless without it.

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