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Excelling in Finding Criminal Justice Topics for Research Paper

Criminal justice is a subject that offers a great variety of interesting essay topics. You will need to show how creative and original you can be by choosing the topic that will allow you to create a truly impressive paper. Be sure to pick a topic that you feel strongly about. This way, you will be more passionate, and the quality of the essay will increase.

In case no interesting ideas come to you at first, use the following suggestions for inspiration:

  • Crimes in families.
  • This topic will allow you to explore psychological reasons that push family members to commit crimes against the people closest to them. You will be able to study the relationships inside a family and try to explain the changes in them.

  • The effects of mental illness on crimes.
  • This essay should be focused on a particular type of mental problem that affect the patient's behavior and push him or her towards a crime. You can address the topic of punishment, and the controversial subject of whether a sick person can be held accountable for his or her actions.

  • Feminist criminology.
  • This topic is a bit more complex and will require a lot of work and research. You will need to explain how feminist philosophies affect criminology.

  • Behavioral analysis as a method of crime prevention.
  • These days, profiling is used to effectively catch criminals. In this essay, you will need to predict the effects of using the same method for crime prevention and offer some suggestions on how this can be done.

  • Experimental criminology.
  • This essay will be more technical and specialized. In it, you will have to explain various tools and methods used in criminology today, as well as the ones that are currently at the testing stages. You will also need to hypothesize on the effects these tools will have on crime statistics once they become more popular.

  • Elder abuse.
  • This essay can focus on the reasons that lead to this and corresponding methods that will help prevent this hideous crime.

  • Environmental crime.
  • In this paper, you will need to explain what environmental crime is, how it affects the environment and society, and how it is punished. Tell the readers about the methods used to fight this type of criminal and the tools used to prevent these offences.

  • Terrorism.
  • This is a hot topic that will definitely draw attention to your essay. You can choose to focus on describing the current known terrorist groups and their inner structures. Analyzing the reasons that push people to become terrorists will also be a good choice for an essay.

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