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What is the most important part of a research paper?

The most important part of a research paper may vary from what someone else thinks. A research paper has several parts and each part is important to the paper and the research behind it. If you think about it, you may not be able to write a detailed research paper without each part, especially if you want to get a specific point across about your findings. Yet, many feel the introduction is the most important of all parts since it provides the main scope or idea for the research.

Understanding Parts of a Research Paper

The introduction helps introduce your purpose or main point for the research. The body section may include a few paragraphs that contain data from your findings including results, experiments, methods and discussion. The conclusion gives an overall explanation for why the research was conducted but ties the paper together. A reference page may be necessary to provide information on sources used. An abstract may be another part required that includes a summary of what was done. Some students wait to write the abstract last even though it appears early on in the research paper.

Why People Consider the Introduction the Most Important

The hypothesis or main idea behind the research is stated in the introduction. While you work to provide evident for the main idea, the writer may state in this paragraph their expectations in relation to the main point. Also known as the thesis statement, the main point may be argued here or it may be a general statement the research works to prove. For many students, this is the most challenging part of the research paper.

Significant Part that Requires Thorough Research

The bulk of the research paper likely is the body or the middle part between the introduction and the conclusion. If you are able to conduct thorough research on your topic writing your paper should be easier. It is a matter of creating a plan or an outline to help you organize your findings. Like the abstract, some students consider writing their introduction last after completing required research. As long as you have a strong thesis statement that has sufficient evidence to support it, you may find the best way to complete your paper is in parts out of order from the standard format. Reading sample research papers can also help in determining structure of content.

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