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Term Paper Writing: how to Research your Topic

Writing for a term paper can be a hard process to start because of the research that is needed to make a strong paper. Especially in today's academia culture, research papers have become harder to write because of the stricter requirements of what a true source is and what kind can be used and respected. To help the research process run smoothly, read the following sources that will help take you to the sources and research evidence you need for that term paper.

  1. Google scholar
  2. Google scholar is a free Google option that will search articles, journals, research studies, statistics, or any other scholarly evidence only through scholarly approved websites. Instead of including every website like the normal Google would do, it only runs through websites that end with .org, .gov, .net, and other websites that would be acceptable as a source for your essay.

  3. Search Engines
  4. While search engines without a filter will not rid of unscholarly sources, it can still lead to the correct types of sources that you need for your essay. Articles that you may find will have their sources written at the bottom of the web page, from there you can see what sources they used that may be of use to you.

  5. School Library website
  6. This will most likely be your best tool if you are enrolled at a university or college. Higher education institutes use a part of tuition fees to pay for unlimited access to numerous scholarly journals and archive, with this access you can use your school ID to find research.

  7. Online Scholarly Archives
  8. If you do not have a school ID, there are a handful of scholarly archives that can be assessed online for free. Look through these archives for research and use more than one archive, so that your research varies and carries different sources.

  9. Newspaper and Magazine archives
  10. Many newspapers and magazines offer access to older articles if you sign up for a free trial. These archives are very useful for any needed research that may be older or that is about a worldly event. To capture how the culture and society really felt about an event or political move, one of these archives may be your best choice.

With these sources, your essay will have the proper amount of research and strength in sources to hold a strong claim.

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