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A List Of The Most Exciting Term Paper Topics: 31 Great Suggestions

If you want a list of the most exciting term paper topics look over these 33 great suggestions:

  1. Write about abstinence only education and its correlation to high rates of teen pregnancy and STD's
  2. Write about white collar crime and provide examples of how it is committed
  3. Write a topic about the growth of manufacturing across Africa
  4. Write about the economic growth that hosting an international sporting event has on the local economies
  5. Explain the over-use of medication among children and what long term ramifications it has
  6. Explain whether racial balance can be achieved in the military without affirmative action policies
  7. Explain whether racial balance is achievable within education without affirmative action
  8. Review what reverse discrimination is
  9. Write about what contributions religion makes to public education
  10. Explain how students with disabilities thrive in a classroom equipped for special needs versus one that is mainstream
  11. Research the way that organized crime rings are structured
  12. Review policies that are in place to help veterans suffering from PTSD and whether the medications given to them actually increase the PTSD they suffer
  13. Review whether standardized tests should only be requirements for advancement in grade levels or for specific courses
  14. Write about the requirements for teachers, and what they have to do to stay current in different states
  15. Review the different policies for homeschooling across different states and whether it should be federally reviewed and enforced, so that there exists some standard rather than just allowing anyone to teach from any book they choose
  16. Review whether health websites offer too much information on diseases, thus encouraging people to believe they have sicknesses they do not
  17. Review different psychological disorders such as Autism or self-harm
  18. Write about low fat diets and their long term effects
  19. Global warming
  20. The Electoral College
  21. Organized crime
  22. Whether TSA is required anymore
  23. The NSA
  24. The rise of radical terrorists
  25. Homeland Security
  26. Review carbohydrates in depth and how far too few people truly understand what a carbohydrate is, or what low carb diets are. Review the eating habits of people who want to reverse their "carb" intake by only consuming large amounts of natural carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables and breads.
  27. Review cyber crime
  28. Review college pressures
  29. Write about divorce effects on children
  30. Eating disorders
  31. Cheating in school

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