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How to write a good Introduction of a MBA Term Paper

Writing an MBA term paper is not the easiest thing for a student to do, however it is one of the most important homework assignments of their entire class. It counts for a big part of the grade that will be earned for the class term, making the paper even more important. While the entire paper must be worthwhile and valuable to the reader, it is the introduction that remains one of the most important pieces of the entire paper. You must do several things in the introduction of your MBA term paper, else you risk losing the reader all together.

Writing your Introduction

Keeping the introduction short and simple is always the best idea. Your introduction should be several sentences long, but no more. During these sentences you should lead the reader to learn what the essay will be about while also capturing their attention enough to make them want to read the paper more. The thesis should be the last line stated in the introduction of your term paper.

Points to ponder

When writing your term paper introduction there are a few things that you should remember.

  1. Create an Outline: Creating an outline is the first step in writing your introduction. The outline reflects the information that you will use in the introduction and it should list all of the major points that you want to discuss in your essay.
  2. Start your introduction with a surprising piece of information or a little known fact. Although you may need to dig a little bit deeper to find this information it is certainly worth your while.
  3. Be sure that you re-read the introduction to yourself to ensure that it is attention grabbing and really says what you want for it to say.
  4. Some people write the entire paper before they write the introduction. This may be something that you also want to do. If you find the introduction difficult to start with, continue with the rest of the essay and then go back to the introduction.
  5. Write the introduction information and the thesis in the same order as it will appear in the remainder of the paper.


Writing a good introduction is an essential part of writing a good term paper. Use the information above to secure the great essay that you want to turn into your professor. This information certainly makes things much easier.

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