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How To Write A Literature Review For An Academic Research Paper

Literature review is all about a dissertation that you need to do on one of the topics from the subject. You have to be very precise and intellectual in choosing your topic and carefully progressing with it all along. One mistake and it is going to be a huge blunder for you.

Try to keep your research work in a routine manner and be gentle with the approach of executing it. The more you be good in your procedure of working the better will be the quality of the work.

How to come up with a literature review for an academic research paper:

  1. The first thing that a person should be doing is to have a thorough knowledge about the subject. The more deep and profound knowledge he is going to have the better idea he will be having of how to come up with a good topic. He has to go through all the books and the reference books along with the articles he has collected to go through, this will give him more chance to have a good outcome for his work.
  2. Choose a perfect topic for your review. This is quiet an important task and one should not be moaning over it after once he has chosen and got it approved by the mentors. It is going to be a tough decision as you have to check for a topic that has plenty to talk about and you have good knowledge about it. It should not be boring at all and should have all forms of intellectuality.
  3. You have to sum up your entire work and make it in to a chart format so that you can tackle such a big thing all by alone in an organized manner. You have to make an outline which will contain every detail of all the important headings and all the things to be elaborated under it. This will help you to finish of your work and will come as handy.
  4. Make a wonderful thesis statement with all the necessary facts in it along with the sources that you have used to get your work done. You have to mention the proposed name for your project and also the importance of the project and the topic.
  5. Make a rough draft of the work and then check whether you need to change something or not. If everything is fine then move forward with a fair draft.

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