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A Research Paper In Chicago Format Sample

One of the advantages of being assigned a research paper in Chicago format is that there is more flexibility when it comes to the format. The student has more of a choice when it comes to font, margins, and the way the overall paper looks. Where other styles are more structured, so that everything is the same. The student can makes some of the choices in the look.

Format Requirements:

  • The margins of the paper are set between 1 inch and 1.5 inches, no more and no less. Though where the margins are set are up to the student, they could choose 1.25 inches if they so wished.
  • The font again is the student choice. As long as it's something readable like Times New Roman or Palatino it is okay. There is no set font restriction.
  • The size of the font should be something that is easy for everyone to read. The suggested size is 12 point. A student shouldn't choose anything smaller than 10 points.
  • All text should be double-spaced. The only exception to this rule is the block quote. In the block quote, figure captions and any table titles should be singled spaced.
  • There are 3 sections of a paper. The title page, the main body and then the reference page.
  • The Title Page should be have the name of the paper a third of the way down the page, in the center. All personal identifying information, i.e. name, class and date, should be several lines down from the title.

    The Main Body should be in double space, as stated before. Any titles should be in headline-style. Any quote that is longer than five lines needs to be placed in a block quote.

    The Reference Page is titled the "Bibliography" if you are following notes and bibliography style and "Reference" if you are going with author date style. The title should be centered. Then there should be two lines then the start of the sources. This page should be singled spaced.

  • Every page should have a page number, starting with the title page, and the Arabic number 1.
  • The paper should include footnotes. The first note will begin with the Arabic number one and continue from there for each new note.

When the student is working on a research paper that is in Chicago format they just have to work on making sure that they follow the requirements of the format as described. While there is more flexibility with the Chicago format as far as font choices, the paper still has to be recognizable as the format.

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